Tables in the Wilderness by Preston Yancey–Book Review

This book describes Preston Yancey’s spiritual journey as a young person with lots of QUESTIONS!  He begins by saying:

“When you grow up in the evangelical South, you hear God speak all the time.”

However, at some point, Preston stops hearing God, and he doesn’t know what to do — he knows intellectually that God is still present, but he just isn’t feeling or hearing Him, and he loses his ability to pray.  During his college years at Baylor University he attends a variety of churches — Baptist, Episcopalian,  Anglican –even The Church Of No Windows! He asks lots of questions. He begins to find some solace in the written prayers, church seasons and rituals of more liturgical churches, but because of his evangelical upbringing has difficulty understanding or accepting infant baptism or the real presence in communion.

His professors and coursework in religion encourage him to question, but also trust.  One Christian friend reminds him of this verse from the Psalm 78:19:

They spoke against God;
they said, “Can God really
spread a table in the wilderness?

Of course, the answer to this question is YES!   God leads Preston through his personal wilderness of silence, depression, questioning, loss of friends, romantic disappointments and doubts to prepare a table for him, a place where he doesn’t have all the answers, but he  feels accepted and loved and at peace in the midst of his questioning.

I really enjoy spiritual memoirs, and hearing  how other Christians navigate through life with God and others. This book was no exception.  I found myself laughing and crying as I identified with Preston’s struggles as a young adult searching for God.  A great read!

VERDICT:  5 stars

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