Tolkien–Movie Review

Since I am always interested in writers and writing, I checked this film out of the local library.  Most people have heard of J.R.R. Tolkien, who is well known for his Lord of the Rings trilogy, and its’ prequel, The Hobbit.  The film explores Tolkien’s early life, but instead of focusing on biographical details, seeks to explain how many disparate influences came together and led him to create the world of Middle Earth.  Those elements included:  his fascination with languages;  a strong bond with a group of fellow students who had an interest in the arts and a desire to “change the world”;  his study of mythology;  his wife, who encouraged him to tell stories because words are beautiful not just because of their sounds, but because of what they mean to us.

You will learn some bits about Tolkien’s childhood and early adult life.  By the time he was twelve, both of his parents had died.  He had one younger brother.  Their guardian was Father Francis, a Catholic priest, and the boys were raised in this faith. Tolkien attended Oxford on a scholarship, fought in World War I, married and fathered several children.

I enjoyed the movie, but my husband found it slow moving and a bit dull.  If you don’t have some prior knowledge about Tolkien, you may find yourself wondering what’s going on, or why this or that incident is being emphasized.  The film doesn’t discuss Tolkien’s personal Christian beliefs.  It is a movie about a Christian, not Christianity.  However, it does illustrate how a Christian, using the talents and gifts God has given, can indeed influence the world.  Tolkien became known as the father of the modern fantasy genre.  His work emphasized Christian virtues such as courage, loyalty and humility.

VERDICT:  I would give it 4 stars.  It will be most interesting to those who love writing or are fans of Tolkien and his work

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