Holy Curiosity by Winn Collier–Book Review

If you read the gospels carefully, you will notice that Jesus didn’t just preach to people, he often asked questions.  According to Winn Collier,

“Jesus’ questions probed the soul, and they were not easily ignored.”

The questions Jesus asked usually required a person to examine themselves and get to the root of the issue being raised.  It was a teaching technique which served to lead someone to the right conclusion by their own reasoning.  Sometimes it revealed the true sin or faulty thinking that wasn’t immediately obvious.

Collier uses some of these questions as a jumping off point to discuss our darkest feelings:  shame, fear, hunger, denial, doubt, anger and more.  He draws heavily on his own life experiences as he encourages readers to unearth and confront their own emotions.  The book includes a few study questions for each chapter, and it could easily be used in a small group setting. CAUTION:   It would not be suitable for a newly formed group as some of the questions are deeply personal.

One thing I didn’t like was the failure of the author to cite specific Scriptural references.  That, along with the fact that the questions were sometimes paraphrased, would make it difficult, especially for those who are less biblically literate to locate the story or event being discussed. (I personally, think before jumping into discussion of the Scripture, it’s useful to read it for yourself.)

Overall, interesting, but not what I expected.  This is a book that focuses on personal spiritual formation rather than in-depth discussion of the biblical text.  It that’s what you’re looking for, you will probably enjoy it.

VERDICT:  3 stars

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