A Morning Offering

In Via de Cristo, we talk about having a morning offering, a way to offer your day to God.  In my devotional reading I cam across this quote which explains a good way to do this.

“With his first waking consciousness, he can set himself to take a serious, manly view of the day before him.  He ought to know pretty well on what lines his difficulty is likely to come, whether in being irritable, or domineering, or sharp in his bargains, or self-absorbed, or whatever it be;  and now, in this quiet hour, he can take a good, full look at his enemy, and make up his mind to beat him.  It is a good time, too, for giving his thoughts a range quite beyond himself, beyond even his own moral struggles, — a good time, there in the stillness, for going into the realm of other lives.  His wife– what needs has she for help, for sympathy, that he can meet?  His children–how can he make the day sweeter to them?  This acquaintance, who is having a hard time; this friend, who dropped a word yesterday that you hardly noticed in your hurry, but that  comes up to you now, revealing in him some finer trait, some deeper hunger than you had guessed before,–now you can think this things over.”

G.S. Merrian

Wouldn’t the world be a better place, and wouldn’t we have a greater chance of pleasing and obeying God, if we spent a little time every morning pondering these kinds of things ( and then, or course, asking for God’s help with them)?


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