The Darkness of Death

This quote is from my devotional reading this morning. It was particularly moving because a dear friend and prayer partner Loving Prayer Partners recently lost her spouse, and his memorial service is today.  It’s taken from the book Joy and Strength by Mary Wilder Tileston.  In her preface she says,

“This little book… is a selection from writers of many countries and centuries, of thoughts of courage, faith, hope and love, to cheer and inspirit the pilgrim in his daily journey ….”

I love quotes, so I love this book.  Have you ever thought of death this way?  The anonymous author sees it as passing from darkness into light.  May the thought comfort and inspire.  Remember This Darkness Will Not Last.


“Death to a good man is but passing through a dark entry out of one little dusky room of his father’s house into another that is fair and large, lightsome and glorious.”



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My husband is the retired pastor of St. Paul's Free Lutheran Church in Leitersburg, Maryland. I have two grown daughters, three grandchildren and am retired after a career in Purchasing. I have published articles in The Lutheran Ambassador, Lutheran Witness, and Lutheran Digest. My Bible study on the Book of Acts was published in 2016 by the Women's Missionary Federation of the AFLC(Association of Free Lutheran Churches).

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