Do You Serve Cheerfully?

Frederick Temple was an English academic, churchman and Archbishop of Canterbury from 1896 until his death in 1902. He wrote the following quote which I found in my daily devotional:

“We often make our duties harder by thinking them hard.  We dwell on the things we do not like till they grow before our eyes, and at last, perhaps shut out heaven itself.  But this is not following our Master, and He, we may be sure will value little the obedience of a discontented heart.  The moment we see that anything to be done is a plain duty, we must resolutely trample out every rising impulse of discontent.  We must not merely prevent our discontent from interfering with the duty itself;  we must not merely prevent it from breaking out into murmuring;  we must get rid of discontent itself.  Cheerfulness in the service of Christ is one of the first requisites to make that service Christian.”

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