New Month/New Theme

Our theme for February will be “Shepherds, sheep and lambs.”  This imagery is used often in the Bible.  It would have been familiar to the people of that time, but maybe not so much for us today.

It lends itself to many topics:  Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and also the Lamb of God.  We are the sheep, His flock.  At the end of time, God will separate the sheep from the goats.

How do you understand these ideas?  Are they important to you?  What songs and hymns reinforce them?  Have they influenced your faith walk?

I hope all of our authors and readers will think about these things and discuss them this month.

Of course, other topics and thoughts will be on our minds, and as always, our ladies will follow the leading of the Spirit in our posts.

God loves you and so do I!  Stay tuned for a great month!

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