Suffer Strong by Katherine & Jay Wolf–Book Review

At the age of 26, Katherine Wolf’s life changed forever.  She suffered a stroke caused by a congenital malformation in her brain (AVM).  Afterwards part of her face was paralyzed, and she couldn’t walk or eat.  In this book, she and her husband, Jay, recount their journey from tragedy to healing.  And no, Katherine is never completely healed physically, but mentally and emotionally she is whole.

In time the Wolfs begin to redefine Katherine’s disability as a gift and a calling.  As writers and speakers they encourage others who have suffered — and by the way, that’s all of us, because we all have “invisible wheelchairs” — limitations caused by the events and circumstances of our lives.

Some of the topics discussed are trauma, loss, failure, true beauty, community, marriage, post traumatic stress and post traumatic growth.  Every reader will find something with which they identify.  Katherine and Jay explain how, despite suffering, we can each flourish, celebrate life and make a contribution to God’s plan.  According to Katherine:

“There’s a path that may not be easy, but it’s one laid out just for us.”

VERDICT:  5 stars.  It was a quick but meaty read.  It made me want to read their first book — Hope Heals

By the way, the forward to the book was written by Louie Giglio, who is now the Wolfs’ pastor.  If you would like to see a review of a book he has written, follow this link:

Not Forsaken by Louie Giglio–Book Review

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