Praying Women by Sheila Walsh — Book Review

Subtitled, How to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Say, this is a good, basic book on prayer.  There are quotes by well known Christians at the beginning of each chapter, and sprinkled throughout — I love quotes, so this was a plus for me.

In the introduction, Sheila lists some of the comments she received from her Facebook readers about their experiences with prayer.  Many expressed the same struggles, which most of us encounter:

  • I get distracted or bored
  • I just say the same things over and over
  • Why bother if God knows everything?
  • Is God really listening?
  •  I never get an answer
  • I’m too depressed to pray
  •  God must be angry at me

In each chapter, Sheila walks readers through some of these issues, using examples from her own life.  At the end of every chapter there are prayer reminders and a prayer that suits the theme of that section.  I especially enjoyed the chapter on praying with the words of Scripture, which focused on Psalms.

Her conclusion?

“God is not looking for perfect words or perfect people–He longs for our ongoing daily presence in prayer and worship.”

VERDICT:  4 Stars.  Not extraordinary but solid, biblically based and an easy read.  Most will enjoy it and come away with some useful suggestions for improving their prayer life.  One caveat– Walsh is a Baptist and speaks of “accepting Christ” which contradicts Lutheran theology.

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