Happy Mother’s Day!

I counted this past Sunday as my first real Mother’s day. Yes, I had my first child last February, but with only three months of motherhood behind me I had really not experienced the true essence of being a mom. The many many (did I say many?) sleepless nights and early mornings, feedings and baths and laundry and work had not quite hit me yet. My own mother told me that in the early years of motherhood there is nothing more important to you than sleep. She was right on so many levels. Motherhood is truly an experience that you cannot appreciate until it happens to you.

As an adult, it gives me a new appreciation for my own mother and how much she went through to take care of us. How much love and sacrifice it took to continue down that path of nurturing, caring, and developing tiny little people. There is so much reward and yet it can be so exhausting and overwhelming at times. There are no breaks from motherhood, no vacations, and very young children never respond to your silent prayers to sleep through the night ‘just this one time’. How did my mother do it? How do I do it? And yet you love them so much it hurts, would give them every last bit of energy you have left, and at the end of the day still find just a little bit more to give them when they need it. The love for your own child is something that surpasses understanding and must truly be a gift from God.

Amazing to also think that God loves and cares about each and every one of us the same way that we care about our own children. What a responsibility that must be!! How is it possible?? Aren’t we so lucky to have Him as our heavenly father, always there, always watching? He knows and loves each and every one of us, and aren’t we blessed! Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and to all the mothers out there who are doing such important work!!!

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