Selma — Movie Review

This movie is from 2005, but I just watched it recently.  It’s not really a Christian movie, but it is a movie about a Christian — Martin Luther King Jr..  It centers around the events in 1965 which led up to the historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, a milestone in the Civil Rights Movement.

I found it well acted, and from my research, historically accurate.  It was interesting for me, as someone who lived through those times, to realize how little I understood about the unfair treatment African Americans were enduring.  I remember segregated schools, and our local movie theatre had a “colored balcony.”  These things were taken for granted.  Because I didn’t personally see police brutality, blatant disrespect or people being denied the vote, I didn’t think about it.  It makes me wonder, what sins are we simply not seeing today, that in 40 years will seem glaringly obvious?

The historic characters (Martin Luther King Jr, Lyndon Johnson and others) are portrayed realistically and presented as neither saints nor demons.  The film points up conflicts not only between King and Johnson, but within the Civil Rights Movement itself, and even between Martin and his wife, Coretta.  It is PG-13 because it depicts violence (which actually took place) and some profane language.

I enjoyed Selma and would recommend it, especially if you want an realistic view of what was happening in 1965.  You might watch and discuss it with your teenagers or young adults.

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