Victorious Faith

Evidently I’m not done with last month’s theme (victory) yet because I came across this quote from Edward Pusey.  He was an English, Anglican theologian and his ideas really resonate with me.

“Living and victorious faith is that whereby Christ dwelleth in our hearts.  But Christ will not dwell in our hearts, if we fill our hearts with things which He hates.  Yet is there then no victory, nor real faith, when the world holds a struggle with us, sometimes overcoming us, sometimes overcome?  In some things victory should be complete at once.  Sins of infirmity there may be;  sins against light there should not be.  To do willfully and knowingly what God hates, destroys faith, and hope, and love.  But so that thou art fighting against besetting sin, if thou art conquering thyself, thou art still Christ’s soldier, even though in thought, word, or deed, thou be from time to time, in lesser things surprised.  This, then, is matter of faith, that if we will, we can, by the grace of God, prevail over temptation.”

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