Fight For Love by Rosie Makinney–Book Review

In this book Rosie Makinney describes her own struggle against her husband’s compulsive use of pornography.  It contains a wealth of information for others in the same situation.  Particularly interesting is the scientific research on porn addiction.  Like other addictions, the repeated use of pornography changes the brain, making it difficult for the addict to control his or her impulses or make good decisions.  Usage and degree of violent and abusive images tend to increase, as the addiction progresses.

Makinney claims that many churches and pastors, though well-meaning, are ignorant about the scope of the problem.  Therefore, they may offer little or poor advice to sufferers who because of shame  find it difficult to seek help.  She quotes alarming statistics about how many marriages and families are being affected adversely, and the internet, of course makes porn easier to obtain.  Education is a key component in fighting the problem.  She advises spouses to obey God by demanding complete honesty,  setting behavioral boundaries, seeking help for both husband and wife, finding a support group and practicing celibacy for a time as they develop true intimacy and can “reset” their expectations.

The final chapters deal with porn addiction in women and protecting your children from pornography.

VERDICT:  4 STARS.  I am too unfamiliar with the problem to comment on Makinney’s suggested tactics to combat pornography;  however, the scientific data offered is compelling, and the book includes a variety of websites and resources that will be helpful to anyone looking for help or further information.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, follow the link below:

The Lutheran Ladies received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. Disclaimer pursuant to FTC 16 CFR part 255.

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