When God Says Wait by Elizabeth Laing Thompson–Book Review

When we pray there are times we quickly get a clear “yes” or “no.” THE THING we are asking for appears, or the door definitely closes.  Yes, THE GUY proposed — or no,  THE JOB went to another candidate.  However, sometimes the answer is murky:  the desired thing doesn’t happen right away, but there’s still a possibility for the future.  That puts us in a “waiting” mode.

Ms. Thompson uses biblical stories to illustrate different kinds of waiting and how they might be handled. You’ll get a closer look at the lives of Miriam, Naomi, Ruth, Sarah, Hannah, Jacob, David and more. Along the way, you’ll hear Elizabeth’s own story which includes her “babywait” and her wait to become a published author.  Waiting usually isn’t pleasant (at least not for us anxious types) but during these times we can learn to trust God and grow in Christian maturity.  As the author points out, there are only two things we can control about waiting:  how we wait and who we become along the way.  We can also wait with others because guess what?  Everyone is waiting for something!

Each chapter closes with some “waiting room” activities which include journal and prayer prompts and suggested Bible reading for further study.

I did have pretty big theological issues with some Ms. Thompson’s interpretation of Biblical events.  For example, I don’t believe that God changes His mind.  God is omniscient — he knows what we’ll say and what He’ll do already.  Although God may “seem” to change His mind (and yes, you can point to Scriptural examples), He is doing this to make a point or teach us something.

In spite of this, I found the book to be an easy, thoughtful and helpful read.  It would be a good choice to read and discuss with a small group of friends.  If you’re seeking CLARITY (our monthly theme) you might check it out.

VERDICT: FOUR STARS.  It would be 5 except for the theological issues.

For more about this book, go to this post:

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