The Perfect Church?

Recently I remembered a little poem I read once about the perfect church.  I went searching for it on the internet, and found a number of versions attributed to different people.  Here’s my compilation.  You’ll probably get a chuckle out of it, as I did.


If you could find the perfect church, without one spot or smear,

For goodness sake, don’t join that church, you’d spoil the atmosphere!

I think that I will never see, a church that’s all it ought to be,

A church that has no empty pews, whose pastor never has the blues,

A church whose deacons always “deak,” and none are proud and all are meek.

Where gossips never peddle lies, or make complaints or criticize.

Where all are always sweet and kind, and all to others faults are blind.

Such perfect churches there may be, but none of them are known to me.

So since no perfect church exists, where people never sin,

Stop looking for the perfect church and love the one you’re in!

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