Do This Every Day

Edward Meyrick Goulburn (1818-1897) was an English churchman and writer.  He offers some good advice for all of us in the quote below:

“As, on rising we should hear Him saying to us ‘Take this yoke upon thee, my child to-day,’ ‘Bear this burden for me and with me to-day,’ so before retiring to rest, and collecting our mind for our evening prayer, it were well to put these questions to our conscience, ‘Have I, in a single instance this day denied myself either in temper or appetite, and so submitted myself to the Saviour’s yoke?’  And again, “Have I, in a single instance, shown sympathy or considerateness for others, borne with their faults or infirmities of character, given time or take trouble to help them, or be of use to them?’  If so, I have gained ground;  I have made an advance in the mind of Christ to-day, if it be only a single step.  Let me thank God and take courage.  A single step is so much clear gain.”

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