When God Says go by Elizabeth Laing Thompson–Book Review

Using dramatized biblical stories, author Elizabeth Laing Thompson illustrates a variety of circumstances surrounding the call of God.  For example:

  • When God’s call scares you
  • When your past concerns you
  • When you must change
  • When God’s call is not clear
  • When God’s call seems mundane
  • When going means staying
  • When a call comes without warning

You’ll walk through the stories of Peter, Abigail, Jonathon, Moses, Mary Magdalene, Samuel and more as you study how they responded to God’s calling and how you, too, fit into God’s plan. The author weaves her story and those of others she knows into the lessons learned from Scripture.  Sometimes calls are dramatic, and others are quiet and subtle.  You may hear God’s leading through life events, God’s Word, or the advice of a Christian friend.  One thing is certain — we are all called to go and do something for God.  Are you listening?  Will you answer?  Are you willing to be changed?  These are the questions.

After each chapter there are suggestions for further study, questions to be used for discussion or journaling, and a prayer.  This could certainly be used with a small group for study.

VERDICT:  5 Stars.  I’m all about discovering God’s purpose in our lives, and this book could be an important resource in the search.  It’s an easy yet thoughtful read.

Note:  I received this a free e-book from BookBub.  You might want to check them out. You can join and receive offers for free or discounted e-books every day, according to the genres you select.

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