More on Fruit of the Spirit

I’ve often heard older people, or those in ill health say, “there is nothing I can do for God.”  This quote expresses very well the truth that there is something any of us can do, regardless of our situation.

“We cannot be useless while we are doing and suffering God’s will, whatever it may be found to be.  If we are bringing forth the fruits of the Spirit, we are not useless.  And we can always do that.  If we are increasing in the knowledge of God’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, we are not useless.  And we can always do that.  While we pray, we cannot be useless.  And we can always do that.  God will always find us a work to do, a niche to fill, a place to serve, nay, even a soul to save, when it is His will and not ours, that we desire to do;  and if it should please Him that we should sit still for the rest of our lives, doing nothing else but waiting for Him, why should we complain?  Here is the patience of the saints.”

Anthony W. Thorold

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