“A bright, happy soul, rejoicing in all God’s gifts, seeing cause for thankfulness and gladness in everything, counting up mercies rather than trials, looking at the bright side, even of sickness, bereavement, and death — what a very fountain of goodness and love of Christ such a one is!  I remember one who, worn with sickness and sleepless nights, answered to the question if the nights did not seem interminable:  ‘Oh, no, I lie still, and count up my blessings!”

HL. Sidney Lear

This quote was part of my devotional reading a few days ago.  It seemed very personal, as I also often have sleepless nights (no, I’m not sick, it’s just age-related!).  It also made me think of the hymn we sang in church this past Sunday, Rejoice the Lord is King.  It was written by Charles Wesley in 1746 for Hymns on the Great Festivals and Other Occasions, and it certainly inspires a joyful heart.

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