The Singing Church

I recently reviewed Garrison Keillor’s memoir, That Time of Year.  In it he describes a singing experience he had while performing at St. Olaf College:

“… the audience sang Children of the heavenly Father safely in His bosom gather, nesting bird nor star in heaven such a refuge e’er was given in pure four-part harmony, impromptu, which listeners thought was a choir, but it wasn’t, it was just eight-hundred Lutherans.  I made fun of Lutherans for their lumbering earnestness, their obsessive moderation, their fear of giving offense, and I never felt so exalted as when I stood in the midst of a roomful of them … and we all sang together.”

Readers, there is a reason they call us The Singing Church!  Follow this link for a Lutheran rendition of the song Keillor mentions, in case it’s unfamiliar to you.

The Concordia Choir -Children of the Heavenly Father arr. René Clausen – YouTube

For more about Lutherans and music see these posts:

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