Some Scary Statistics

This is a continuation of my husband’s sermon series on having a Christian worldview.  For part #1 see:

What is my Worldview?

Let me start by giving you some statistics which have been published by the polling expert, George Barna.  Barna’s Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University has found that only 6% of Americans, as a whole, have a biblical worldview.  In other worlds, only 6 out of every 100 people actually believe what Christians are supposed to believe or act in the way God expects His people to act.  Only 1/5 of those who attend Evangelical Protestant churches have a biblical worldview, 16% of Pentecostals have a biblical view of life, a mere 8% of mainline church members, and just 1% of Roman Catholics share a worldview that corresponds to what the bible teaches.  And if we look to the future of the Church in this country, we now find that only 2% of people between 18 and 29 have a biblical worldview.

The Church has obviously failed in its Christ-given task to make disciples of its members in a way which would make their lives pleasing to the Lord.  When Jesus spoke what we call the Great Commission, His specific instruction was that we are to make disciples, and disciples are those whose lives and words reflect those of their teacher.  And we’re not doing it.  As a pastor, I must take my share of the responsibility for this failure.  If the Church in America is going to have a revival, we must begin now to preach the hard things as well as the pleasant things.  Too often those of us who occupy pulpits shy away from that task because people don’t like hearing what’s wrong with what they think or how they act.  Pastors want to be liked as much as anyone else, so we focus on the Gospel and forget the Law.  Things have gotten so bad that many people in pews around this country could best be described as practical atheists–they profess Jesus but live as if He doesn’t really exist.  One observer of American Christianity has described what is taught in many churches as moralistic, therapeutic, deism.  Something like — God loves you, He wants you to be good, and He will fix all of your problems if you let Him.

More to follow …..

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