The Perfect Pastor

My husband is retiring soon, and a call committee has formed.  I came across this list of qualities for the perfect pastor in a book I’ll be reviewing soon (Help My Husband is My Pastor) and I thought it would provide a bit of humor to a serious situation.  I’m sure you’ve read similar lists in the past:

  • He preaches a sermon of exactly 20 minutes in which everyone is convicted, but no one is offended
  • He is 27 years old and full of energy, but has thirty years of preaching experience.
  • He invests 25 hours a week in sermon prep, 20 hours in counseling, 10 hours in meetings, 5 hours dealing with emergencies, 20 hours doing visitation and evangelism, 6 hours at weddings and funerals, 30 hours in prayer and meditation, 12 hours writing letters, 8 hours on administration, and 10 hours in creative thinking.
  • He is a seminary graduate who uses only one and two syllable words.
  • His children are perfect
  • His mother is rich
  • His wife plays the piano
  • He doesn’t need his salary and gives most of it away
  • He is talented, gifted, scholarly, practical, popular, compassionate, understanding, patient, level-headed, dependable, loving, caring, neat, organized, cheerful, and above all humble.

Let’s face it, ministry is not an easy job and it’s difficult for any human being to live up to the expectations of others.  So, give your pastor a break — I’m sure he’s not perfect!


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