Surrendering Every Day

This is a quote from my daily devotional:

“No trouble is too small wherein to see the will of God for thee.  Great troubles come but seldom.  Daily fretting trials, that is, what of thyself would fret thee, may often in God’s hands, conform thee more to His gracious will.  They are the daily touches, whereby He traces on thee the likeness of His divine will.  There is nothing too slight wherein to practise oneness with the will of God.  By daily practice in slight crosses of our own will, do we learn the lesson our Lord taught, “Not as I will, but as Thou.”  All the things whereof men daily complain may perfect thee in the will of God.  The changes of seasons, bodily discomforts or ailments, rude words, petty slights, little jealousies, unevenness of temper in those with whom thou livest, misunderstandings, censures of thy faith or practice, severe judgements, thanklessness of those thou wouldest benefit, interruptions in what thou wouldest do, oppressiveness or distraction of they labors,– whatever thou canst think of, wherein others fret themselves, and still more, thyself;  therein thou seest how to be of one will with God.

Edward B. Pusey

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