Make Jesus Your All in All

If we’re to surrender to God, a first step is to give Him first place in our lives.  This is an article written by husband about that.  It appeared in our most recent church newsletter.

Is Christ your all in all?  I suspect that the honest answer for many of us would be “no.”  There are so many things that are important in our lives:  our families, our friends, our careers, our health– so many things that we unconsciously put before Christ is many different ways, that Christ often seems to take a back seat except at certain specified times — Sunday morning, for example.

But if Jesus is who He says He is, if He is indeed God Incarnate, very God of very God, then having anything more important in our lives is a kind of blasphemy.  If Jesus is indeed the Savior of the world, then His very existence must fill all believers with an undeniable desire to serve Him in all things and at all times.  He does not merely seek to be in our lives, but to be first in our lives.

Christ Jesus is all in God’s eternal purpose.  From the very beginning the Trinity established Christ as the way in which God’s final purpose  would be fulfilled.

Christ Jesus is all in God’s plan of salvation for sinners.  There is no other way to achieve salvation except through the Lord Jesus.  Your loved ones will not save you.  Your hard work won’t save you.  Your determination to be saved won’t save you.  Only Jesus can do that.

And Christ Jesus must be all in all in our lives.  That means there is no room for easy believism.  Faith in Christ is not just part of a true Christian’s life, it is central to a true Christian’s life.

We must measure everything we say, everything we do, and everything we think against the standard of holiness that Christ has established for us to walk in.  And I dare say there is not one of us who has ever met that standard.  Nor will we this side of the veil — but that doesn’t mean we don’t try.

Christ will not give up on us.  Neither should we give up on Christ.  Put Him first.  He is your all in all.

To listen to the song by this title see:

Is He Your All In All?

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