At Eternity’s Gate –Movie Review

I checked this film out of the library after reading a Christian novel that spoke about the art of Vincent Van Gogh (Shades of Light by Sharon Garlough Brown–Book Review).  It chronicles the last years of van Gogh, especially his time in the south of France. He experienced great productivity there, but also suffered a mental breakdown.  This probably can’t really be considered a Christian movie, although Vincent does say that he believed his painting was a gift and a call from God, and that if others did not appreciate it, his work might be meant for a future generation.  I liked that insight — if we’re called by God to do something, it has worth, whether or not we see any results.

Probably because Van Gogh was an artist, this film tries to be artistic, and is probably successful.  Some of the cinematography is beautiful.  However, in my mind, this also rendered it slow and choppy.  If you don’t know the broad outlines of Vincent’s life, you’ll become confused about what is going on, and who some of the people are.  It also proposes the questionable idea that he did not commit suicide, but was killed by a group of marauding boys.  I don’t know enough to comment of how valid this theory is, but I hadn’t heard it before.

VERDICT:  2 STARS.  My daughter and I watched this together, and neither of us liked it very much.

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