A Lenten Message Part 1

Since we have not been having Wednesday Lenten services this year, my husband, our pastor, has been sending out a weekly Lenten message.  I thought this one was particularly meaningful.

As we near the end of the Lenten season, it would be helpful for us to review our lives in the light of the life of Christ.  What I mean by that statement is a comparison to how the Lord lived as a man among us as opposed to how we live in this world.  So let’s think about some of the characteristics Jesus displayed.

The Creator of all things was humble.  He chose to be born, not in a palace but in a stable.  He chose to live, not in a great city, but in a small village.  He chose not to keep Himself aloof from His surroundings, but to work in a carpenter’s show with His caregiver, Joseph.  The listing of His path of humility could be longer, but we all get the idea.  So how have you shown humility in your life during this past year?  Have you demanded the best and most of what you wanted?  Have you bemoaned your stature in this world or sought to have more than you need?  Have you looked at others whose lives are not as good as yours thinking, if they had only worked harder or better, would they be in such a fix?  Has pride in yourself been a persisting sin?

To be continued …..

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