Win or Lose I Love You! by Lysa Terkeurst

In our competitive society, everyone struggles with winning and losing. Lysa Terkeurt’s story of Field Day in the forest will illustrate and help you teach your youngster a number of good life lessons, including:

Win or Lose, I Love You!

*Sometimes you’ll lose, but you must try

*Even if you lose, you are still loved

*How you treat your friends is more important that winning or losing

*Behaving badly doesn’t mean you are bad

*You can be a bad winner as well as a poor loser

*The best leader is not the person who wins all the time, but someone who helps people work together through kindness, encouragement and hard work

*Forgiveness is important

The illustrations by Jana Christy are colorful and attractive. There is a list of appropriate Bible verses at the end. This book both is attractively presented and instructive. Young readers will enjoy reading it themselves, but the concepts are simple enough for reading and discussion with those with smaller chldren.

VERDICT: 5 STARS. I recommend it!

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