New Month/No Theme

Dear readers, it’s a new month and for the next thirty days, I will have no theme. That means my posts will simply be led by the Spirit, and you can never tell where God might take us!

I’m sure I will be doing some book reviews and possibly commencing another lectio divina reading. After a month with quite a bit of travel, I’m planning to settle down and get back into a good routine of study and prayer.

I do have one last recommendation related to the them for last month–words. While attending the annual conference of our denomination (Association of Free Lutheran Churches), my husband and I spent some time talking to Pastor J. Christen Andrews of Immanuel Church in Missouri. He also has a blog, and has been posting a series of podcasts about — guess what?– words! So if you’re interested in more about this subject, check him out at — I’m sure you’ll be edified.

Remember I am always open to comments and suggestions. I love to hear what is going on in the spiritual life of others. God loves you and so do I!

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