this beautiful truth by Sarah Clarkson–Book Review

This poignant memoir tells the story of Sarah Clarkson and her battle to counter her mental illness with experiences of light and God. A rare form of OCD causes intrusive, violent images to inhabit her mind, leading to anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Raised in a Christian family, Sarah’s faith begins to unravel — how can she believe in a good God who allows her to suffer in this way?

This Beautiful Truth: How God's Goodness Breaks into Our Darkness

It is beauty of many kinds that leads Sarah back to hope. She wrestles with God in the darkness, but also encounters brief moments of transcending joy — through art, music, literature, nature, the liturgy, the hospitality of others and more. God, with His love created and is present in all of things things.

Sarah is not cured, but she learns to counter her feelings of failure, guilt, shame and doubt with these small moments of knowing and experiencing the presence of God. Instead of feeling broken and inadequate, she feels love and acceptance.

VERDICT: 5 STARS. Moving and beautifully written. I especially enjoyed the many literary references!

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