What My Faith Means to Me

My husband recently retired, and we’ve been sorting through old papers and pictures, trying to decide what we want to keep. I came across this paper in a file — it was written by one of our daughters (although I’m not sure which one, maybe they will both read it and let me know!) when she was confirmed. She would have been about fourteen. I found it touching, and maybe you will, too. If only we could all keep that accepting, childlike faith throughout our whole life!

Wouldn’t it be a good journal question for each of us? Think today about what your faith means to you, and if you have time, write it down!

I have faith in many things. They range from very small things to something as large and important as Jesus. I have faith that He will be there for me when I am in trouble, listen to me when I have no one to talk to, and forgive my sins.

From the time I was baptized I have been accepted as one of God’s children. Being accepted into His family, I have been given a path to follow in my life. It is a path that will eventually lead me to his kingdom. To follow this path, I need to trust, and have faith that He will help me climb over the mountains of sin and carry me over the ruts and ditches that block my way in the path.

Many things cause me to stray from the path in my everyday life, but with God’s help, I am constantly being put back on the path, becoming stronger in my faith than I was before.

I sometimes wonder where I would be without Jesus. The answer is nowhere. I would have nothing to live for and nowhere to go.

Having faith in God makes all my problems seem easier to overcome and all the work in my life worthwhile. That is why what my faith means to me is EVERYTHING.

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My husband is the retired pastor of St. Paul's Free Lutheran Church in Leitersburg, Maryland. I have two grown daughters, three grandchildren and am retired after a career in Purchasing. I have published articles in The Lutheran Ambassador, Lutheran Witness, and Lutheran Digest. My Bible study on the Book of Acts was published in 2016 by the Women's Missionary Federation of the AFLC(Association of Free Lutheran Churches).

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