Occasions of Sin

What situations are most likely to cause you to sin? We all have weaknesses, the things that push our buttons, and cause us to react in uncharitable ways. According to E. B. Pusey (1800-1882), and English Anglican theologian, knowing the occasions of our sin is an important step in conquering temptation:

“It is of the very greatest moment to know the occasions of our sin, and the way in which it shows itself. To know the occasions, puts us on our guard; to know how our sin shows itself, gives us the means of stopping it. Thus, as to these occasions; one is made angry, if he is found fault with roughly, or even at all, or slighted, or spoken slightly of, or laughed at, or kept waiting, or treated rudely, or hurt even unintentionally, or if his will is crossed, or he is contradicted, or interrupted, or not attended to, or another be preferred to him, or if he cannot succeed in what he has to do. These sound like little things when we speak of them in the presence of God, and in the sight of eternity. But these and other such like little things make up our daily trials, our habits of mind, our likeness or unlikeness to God, who made us in His own image; our eternity.”

Spend some time today pondering circumstances that are problematic for you; then make a resolution and a plan for doing better when they reoccur (because they will!).

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