The Seven Whispers by Christina Baldwin–Book Review

My theme this month is teaching, and in my life, books have often been teachers. There is the Bible, of course, but also the spiritual experiences and insights of others. In this short but moving book, Christina Baldwin explores the spiritual practices that have become meaningful to her after years of listening to the Divine. They are:

  1. Maintain peace of mind
  2. Move at the peace of guidance
  3. Practice certainty of purpose
  4. Surrender to surprise
  5. Ask for what you need and offer what you can
  6. Love the folks in front of you
  7. Return to the world

This book is for anyone who is struggling with a busy life when the really important things often disappear in our preoccupation with doing what seems expedient. It’s about taking time to listen and to discover who we really are. It’s about finding a purpose in life and pursuing that purpose with our heart as well as our mind.

VERDICT: 5 STARS. I loved this book. There was much food for thought and ideas for journaling. However, be advised that the author speaks of her beliefs and practices as spiritual, not specifically Christian, so you may have to filter her suggestions through your own theological lens.

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