Music Teaches

This article was written by my husband, and previously published in The Lutheran Ambassador, the magazine of the Association of Free Lutheran Churches, our denomination.

I once met a man who told me he was totally tone deaf. He said that music was, to him, nothing but noise. I felt really sorry for him because he was missing so very much beauty and joy in his life. Think what it would be like to never hear music as anything but an irritating intrusion into your day!

Most people love music and find it easy to remember tunes and words they hear many years ago. That’s why “oldies” radio stations are so popular. Even if they play a song we have not heard for years, the words will come back to us–although the lyrics might be relatively meaningless, like many of the songs from my long ago youth.

I wish that I could say I always loved hymns, but that would be untrue. When I was a teenager, I generally found them boring and seldom paid much attention to what they had to teach me. It’s surprising, then, that sometimes in life when I have dealt with difficulties or felt happy about something, those old hymns from my childhood would pop into my head. They are not necessarily the songs we sing in worship today, nor are they necessarily favorites, but they are there in the back of my mind and they still teach the gospel to me, even now when I am long removed from the church of my youth.

More tomorrow ….

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