Music Teaches, last installment

Music has a great impact on the lives of people all over the world. I am unaware of any culture, ancient or modern, that knew nothing of music. But we ought not forget as we ponder the music in our worship lives, that the notes are really the vehicle which carry the words of the hymn, as it were. It is the lyrics the edify, animate, encourage, and prepare us for eternity. “A Mighty Fortress” is musically powerful, but it is the lyrics that inspire us. The tune of “Rock of Ages” is, at least in my opinion, far less worthy that the words which teach us of our inability to contribute anything to our salvation and yet share the gospel promise that Christ has done it all for us.

When people claim that hymns are obsolete or too old fashioned for today’s world, I feel a sense of sadness because they are missing the teaching that comes with hose hymns. There are reasons why words written hundreds of years ago still move and teach us. Using them in the family will help us retain what God has inspired for His Church.

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