Plan to Read the Bible

Have you ever decided you wanted to read the entire Bible? Without a good plan, you’ll probably bog down somewhere around Leviticus and give up. If you have a good study Bible, check in the back — often you will find a plan there. If not, you might try what I’ve been using recently–the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan.

Robert Murray M’Cheyne (sometimes spelled McCheyne) was a 19th century Scottish minister. His plan was developed to help people read through the New Testament and Psalms twice a year, and the Old Testament once. It involves reading about 4 chapters per day.

I began using it as part of my daily devotions because it is included with a book I recently reviewed: Be Thou My Vision by Jonathan Gibson–Book Review. However, you can download a copy at: M’Cheyne Reading Plan-Robert Murray M’Cheyne.

An app is also available for purchase at

It’s not too late to make a resolution for 2022 — read the Bible this year.

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