A Field Guide on False Teaching — Book Review

Some months ago, my husband and I attended a conference sponsored by Ligonier Ministries (#Ligcon). Each participant received, among other things, a copy of this small book on false teaching. Later my husband taught a class using it as the text.

It’s divided into three parts:

  1. False Teaching (within the Church)
  2. Cults (Mormonism, Christian Science and Jehovah’s Witnesses)
  3. False religions and worldviews (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and more)

Each section includes a brief history and list of the false beliefs; the key figures who popularized it; how it strays from biblical Christianity and suggestions about how to share the gospel with people who have become entangled in it

It’s short and concise, giving readers an overview of each heresy. As Christians we are called to understand and defend our faith. This is becoming increasingly important in our diverse society. If you feel unprepared or uninformed about false teaching, this book is a good place to start.

You can purchase it directly from Ligonier by following the link below:


You can also order it from Amazon as a kindle e-book.


For more about false teaching see:

What is a Cult?

False Teaching in the Church

What is False Teaching?

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