until Leaves fall in Paris by Sarah Sundin–Book Review

If you are looking for some light reading this historical romance may be just the thing. In 1940 Lucie Girard, an American living in Paris and performing in the Paris Opera Ballet, has a decision to make: should she flee to America, or remain in the city she has come to love? The decision is made easier when she learns that her Jewish friends, the Greenblatts, will have to abandon their bookstore to avoid Nazi persecution–that is if they can raise the money to start over. Lucie quits the ballet, buys the bookstore, and embarks on a new life journey with twists and turns she could never have imagined.

I’m usually not one for Christian fiction, but this novel is well written and had enough historical detail to maintain my interest. The romance is formulaic and predictable: the protagonists meet and encounter difficulties which could derail their relationship, but in the end, love triumphs and all is neatly wrapped up. The characters are Christian, and their faith if portrayed realistically, as simply part of their lives.

VERDICT: 4 STARS. Not amazing, but an acceptable, easy read.

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