one at a time by Kyle Idleman–Book Review

I’ve been reading this book during my morning devotional time. It’s an easy read, but so challenging (at least to me). As Christians, we all want to make a difference but how do we do that? Often, we are so distracted by the many tasks we set ourselves, and by the immensity of the work we see before us that we lose heart. According to Kyle Idleman, the key is this — notice and love one person at a time. This is what is known as friendship evangelism.

This idea isn’t new — Jesus modeled it for us. Using many Biblical examples, the author illustrates the way that Jesus, even among crowds, was able to “zoom in” on one person and lovingly address their concerns and needs. He met people where they were — at meals, at parties, at times when they were ill, at times of grief. He did not heal or save everyone, but he focused on the person in front of Him. This is the way God chose to change the world. We can continue His mission in the same way.

Practical and encouraging, one at a time would be an excellent choice for a small group study.

VERDICT: 5 STARS. Recommended reading for all Christians!

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