United with Christ through Holy Communion

This I long for, that I may be wholly united unto Thee, and may withdraw my heart from all created things, and by means of sacred communion, and the frequent partaking thereof, may learn more and more to relish things heavenly and eternal. Ah, Lord God, when shall I be wholly made one with Thee and lost in Thee, and become altogether forgetful of myself? Thou in me, and I in Thee (John 15:4); so also grant that we may continue together in one. Verily, Thou are ‘my beloved …. the chiefest among ten thousand’ (Song of Solomon 5:10), in whom my soul is well pleased to dwell all the days of her life. Verily, Thou art my Peacemaker, in whom is the highest peace and true rest; out of whom is labor and sorrow and infinite misery. ‘Verily, thou art a God that hidest thyself’; (Isaiah 45:15) and Thy counsel is not with the wicked, but with the humble and ‘he giveth grace unto the lowly’ (Proverbs 3:34).”

From Of The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis

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