Of the Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis–Book Review

Because our Bible study group has been discussing our union with Christ, I decided to reread this Christian classic. If you don’t know anything about its history, here’s a bit of information to start. Thomas a Kempis was born to a religious family in 1380 in a German village in Rhenish Prussia. He became a monk who led a quiet, uneventful life and died at the age of 91. His book, Of the Imitation of Christ, has been translated into more languages than any book except the Bible, and it speaks to Thomas’s own close walk with the Lord.

The book consists of many short devotional readings, so you can go through it slowly and take your time. Some entries are prayers, others short essays. There are four sections within the book:

*Admonitions Useful for a Spiritual Life

*Admonitions Pertaining to Inward Things

*Internal Consolation

*A Devout Exhortation to the Holy Communion

Thomas was a Catholic (this was before the Protestant Reformation), so you may find some theological differences, particularly in the section about Holy Communion.

VERDICT: 4 STARS. A good choice to use during daily devotions.

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