The Prophet’s Wife by Libbie Grant–Book Review

This historical novel tells the story of the early years of the Mormon church through the eyes of Joseph Smith’s wife, Emma. The author was raised in the Latter-day Saint faith, although she is no longer a practicing member. For the most part, she has tried to give an accurate account of the events that created and shaped the church until Smith’s death, including many disagreements and schisms.

Although most Lutherans would place this faith under the umbrella of “false teaching” or even a cult, if we are to witness to others with different beliefs, we must understand what they think and why. This book will help you do that. It sets Mormonism in the happenings of the time — this was a period when religious revival was common, and there was also a preoccupation with the end times. In addition, the author’s notes mention the masonic influences that crept into later Mormon practices.

Was Joseph Smith really a prophet, who received visions and revelations from God? Was he simply deluded, or was he influenced by the demonic? Did he realize that he would be setting in motion a religious movement that would continue for hundreds of year? These are some of the questions you will ask yourself as you read this novel?

VERDICT: 5 STARS. Well written and informative. You’ll enjoy it and learn some things.

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