Another Gospel by Alisa Childers–Book Review

This book falls into the category of apologetics (works that are written to justify Christian doctrines). It’s also the story of one person’s journey to understand and affirm the faith she practices.

As a young woman, Alisa Childers joins a church with a pastor who is “progressive.” He invites her and others to a class in which he deconstructs the beliefs she has always been taught. He asks many questions she cannot answer, such as:

*Why do we think the stories in the Bible are true and inspired by God?

*Aren’t the creeds just the opinions of the religious sect who “won”?

*Why would a good God at times seem so cruel?

*Why would God require a blood sacrifice for our sins?

*Didn’t Jesus overturn the religious beliefs of His time?

*Would God really condemn people to Hell?

Alisa turns to the Scriptures themselves, to early historians and the church fathers in order to “reconstruct” the foundation of the faith that she believes. While the progressives tell her that their slant on things can be compared to a candy bar that is the same, just in a different wrapper, she comes to disagree — they are preaching a different gospel altogether. She realizes that the terms they use may sound like the “church speak” she has always heard, they have redefined those words in subtle but important ways.

For anyone who is wrestling with contemporary views of Christianity, this is a great resource. It will enable you to better understand and defend traditional views of the faith. Ms. Childers has done all the homework for you! It is not a difficult read, and there are discussion questions and further resources you might be interested in at the end.

VERDICT 5 Stars. You might want to use this for a book club, or small group study.

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