Every Secret Thing by Ann Tatlock–Book Review

I’m not always a fan of Christian fiction (often it’s too superficial and predictable), but I truly enjoyed this book. For one thing, I learned a new phrase, which is always a plus for a “word” person: sensus divinitatis. It means the natural capacity of people to perceive God and is particularly associated with the writings of John Calvin.

This sensus divinitatis is a theme which threads through the entire plot. The main character, Elizabeth Gunnar is an English teacher who returns to teach at a private school in Delaware, the same school she graduated from years ago. There she meets a special student and connects with some of her former classmates and teachers. In the process, she is able to resolve a troubling event from her past. Her faith, and the faith of others deepens as they learn to recognize the presence of God in daily life.

There are many references to books and authors that will delight the English majors among us (like me). The characters are realistically portrayed and engaging. It was a quick and entertaining read.

VERDICT: 5 STARS. A charming vacation read!

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