Looking for a Bible Study?

If you are looking for a Bible study to use in your congregation, or personally, the WMF (Women’s Missionary Federation) publishes a study every year, written by a woman who is a member of the AFLC. This year the study is entitled, “Behold Our God.” It was coauthored by four sisters — Karen Floan, Anne Presteng, Gwen Berg and Wendy Westlake, who gave a presentation at our annual conference during WMF day.

Here is a description of the study taken directly from the WMF website:

“As we behold God in Psalms 90-100, we are overwhelmed with His mighty power as Creator and Ruler of heaven and earth. We are humbled by His holiness and His plan of Salvation. We see His faithfulness in our lives and throughout all generations.

Overwhelmed by joy or overtaken by sorrow, God hears the cry of our hearts, He draws us to Himself, and His presence changes us.  It is the Almighty God who lovingly commands us to praise Him for our good and His glory.

May you be blessed as you “Behold our God” in the Psalms.”

If you are interested in purchasing this study, visit https://www.aflc.org/women/resources/bible-studies/

The cost is $13 which includes shipping. Also available are studies written in previous years, including one that I wrote on the book of Acts (AFLC 2019 Bible Study for Women).

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