Live Your Truth and other Lies by Alisa Childers–Book Review

Words are important, and communication isn’t always easy. In this book, Alisa Childers exposes many of the problems we experience today as we try to understand how others think and what they really mean.

  1. Many words in our society have been given a “make-over.” The traditional meaning no longer applies in the minds of many. For example, tolerance once meant you might disagree with someone’s opinion, but respected their right to say it. Most people now believe tolerance means affirming the opinions of other without ever imply they might be wrong.
  2. Many slogans that are repeated over and over (especially on social media) may sound good but be untrue–or at least partially untrue. For example, “follow your heart.” The Bible, the ultimate source of truth, tells us that our heart is unreliable and deceitful (Jerimiah 17:9)
  3. There is no longer a belief in absolute truth. The author says the thoughts of most today can be summed up as “what’s true for you is true for you, but what’s true for me is true for me.”

So, what do we do when faced with a culture that has redefined words and drifted so far from the real truth? These are Childer’s suggestions:

  1. Know the real thing. Study church history, apologetics, theology and most of all the Bible.
  2. Be willing to suffer — don’t hide your faith.
  3. Be committed to speaking and living the truth.

VERDICT: An important book for Christians to read. It would be great for a group study.

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