Christ’s sacrifice condemns sin – Charles Spurgeon

“Human philosophy cannot make you hate sin, the study of the law of God cannot make you hate it, but if you have ever with tearful glance beheld the Son of God expiring and groaning out His life for you in consequence of your sins, then God has done in you, despite the weakness of your flesh, what the law could not do, and what all other things beside could never accomplish. I must press this matter home with you, Christians, that you may give your own verdict whether it is not so.

Have you not felt that you have not half a word to say for sin now? That you could not defend it, nay, that you could not bear it? It is now as if a man should come to you and say, “I have slain a man, hide me from justice,” you might possibly consider whether you should conceal him, but if you discovered that he had assassinated your child and that his hands were blood-red with its innocent blood, you would say, “Hide you! how can I hide you? It is my own child whom you have slain.” When sin comes to me I know its mischievous effect, and I dare not for that reason tolerate it, but when I hear that it slew my dear Redeemer, slew Him who loved me eternally and without change, loved me without a motive for loving me, but only because He would love me—when I hear that sin slew Him, I cry, “Away with you! Sin, away with you! Away with you! It is not fit that you should live. Away with you! Down to the depths of hell descend, and even there there is no darkness so dark as you are! no terror so terrible as you are! You hell of hells, you blackness of darkness! you accursed thing! You have slain my Lord.” This is what the text means when it tells us that the sacrifice of Jesus condemns sin.”

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