Nora’s Ark by Eileen Spinelli–Book Review

Since young children think concretely, most will respond well to this creative story about a youngster who decides to create her own ark, in imitation of the biblical story. The illustrations by Nora Hilb are whimsical and appealing.

Nora’s ark story is like Noah’s in some ways — it’s going to rain! There are animals who need to be tended. When the rain stops, there is a rainbow. In other ways, Nora’s ark is different. She has to use different materials to build her ark, and it is smaller. Her animals are smaller, too. She invites cats, spiders, goldfish and toy animals into the ark with her. It doesn’t rain for 40 days — 40 minutes is closer.

This book cannot be used to teach the biblical account of Noah — it assumes the reader is already familiar with that. However, it would be a useful tool to reinforce knowledge the child already has. I suggest reading it along with your children, prompting them to repeat what they remember about Noah, and noticing how Nora’s ark differs. When the book is finished, they may be inspired to build their own ark!


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