Body of Evidence by Irene Hannon — Book Review

This Christian novel has it all — mystery, suspense, and romance. Grace Reilly, a forensic pathologist in rural Missouri notices something odd during the autopsies of two older residents. The cause of death appears to be heart-related (not unusual considering their age), but both have some sort of seeds in the contents of their stomachs. After making her concerns know to the new Sheriff, Nate Cox, the two embark on a quest to discover whether these deaths are linked, and not natural at all. Their association leads to mutual attraction, and eventually (SPOILER ALERT), marriage.

The romantic plot is predictable, but the unraveling of the crime is entertaining and has plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing. Who is the murderer? You probably won’t get it right! There are some ethical dilemmas that add interest to the plot. Since most of the characters are Christian, the reader is spared the deplorable language which characterizes so much fiction these days.

VERDICT: 4 STARS. A light, enjoyable read.

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