What is a Girl Worth by Rachael Denhollander–Book Review

Have you wondered why it often takes victims of sexual assault years to come forward? Or why once an accusation is made, many others follow? If your answer is yes (as mine is), read this book. It is the true story of Rachael Denhollander and how she exposed the truth about Larry Nassar, a Usa Gymnastics team doctor. Nassar was subsequently convicted of multiple counts of child rape and child pornography.

Rachael’s memoir details the emotional and psychological effects of abuse, including guilt, shame and confusion. Her abuser was a trusted adult, and his medical expertise did help her. Her mother was even in the room as she was examined. Only later did she come to realize that the vaginal penetration and touching (without gloves or consent) were not part of acceptable medical treatment. She was cleverly manipulated and positioned so that her mother did not realize what was happening, and she was too embarrassed to speak up.

Later, she does talk to her mother (who believes her) but fears others will not. Eventually, while working with younger gymnasts, she expresses her concern to a fellow coach. She is told, “I really don’t think you should say anything else…It could go really badly for you if it gets around …”

When an opportune moment arrives, Rachael decides she cannot keep silent. Speaking out is costly to her in many ways. She and her husband sacrifice their time and money so that she can travel to testify; she loses her church family and friends who counsel her to forgive and forget. However, as a Christian, she believes it was her responsibility to love and protect others by holding her abuser accountable.

VERDICT: 5 STARS. An inspiring account that will help others better understand survivors of sexual abuse.

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