A Stephen Minister’s Experience Part 2

Bob and I had wonderful discussions. Yes, there were times when he struggled to remember or think of the right word, and I didn’t quite know how to respond. But it didn’t really matter! We would just laugh it off and move on. I do remember during one of our devotions when I asked Bob what his thoughts or feelings about his debilitating disease were. Bob quickly responded that if bad things didn’t happen, we would not need to have faith. Without faith, we do not have eternal life. I cherish that moment.

When I heard that Bob was being moved to a rehab facility, I wanted to visit him as soon as I could. But then I remembered my time in a nursing home, and how depressing the mood was. I really had to push myself to visit Bob for the first time there. This Stephen Ministry is not all about the joy of visiting a friend and having nice conversations — it’s God’s serious business!

Bob’s wife was exhausted physically and emotionally. She had provided loving care to Bob for years. She had been sitting next to Bob’s nursing home bed most of the day for months. I encouraged her to go home and get some well-deserved rest. She hesitated but agreed to go home.

More to come tomorrow …..

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